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compelling and technically accurate story experiences.

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mythically designed physical and virtual environments.

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cinematic experiences require cinematic ingredients.

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compelling story driven design.

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Shrek Dark Ride – concept paintings

Underworld 4D Ride

John Carpenter’s Darkchylde – previs

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bureau of story art

about BOSA

We are a visual story design studio that uses a blend of traditional filmmaking and cutting edge virtual production techniques to create visually rich, efficiently planned stories, for productions of any scale.

Our clients are in the worlds of filmmaking and entertainment based theme parks. Starting in the art department, through previsualization and finally production, BOSA takes a holistic approach to every project. No two projects arrive with the same needs. We add puzzle pieces, stitch together individual departments, strengthen creative, reduce costs and speed up the production process.

That said, nothing is more important to us than story. Story drives everything we do… and is what matters most.


Our home at Crossroads of the World in Hollywood, California.

Don't take our word for it


Sam Raimi
Writer & Director

Trevor is the real wizard! I'm thankful for his brilliant shots, ideas, leadership and friendship. I have come to count on him. Oz was an incredible journey that I wouldn't have wanted to take with anyone but Trevor.

Mark Mothersbaugh
Visual Artist & Composer.

Over the years, I have come to rely on Trevor and BOSA to interpret my most abstract ideas into physical form. Sometimes I'll just throw a mood or color and they magically bring it to life in a way that feels classic and tangible. It's a pleasure to collaborate with this crew.

John Carpenter
Director & Composer

I really learned to understand and trust the previs process by working with Trevor and BOSA. They are inventive storytellers who think cinematically. Their ability to jump in on a project and deliver something immediately useable should not be underestimated.

Arte Contrera
Director of Creative - Dubai Parks & Resorts

BOSA was just the solution we needed to complete the myriad of work faced on Motiongate, the largest entertainment project in the world. BOSA was integral to supporting Dubai Parks & Resorts (DPR) in developing and managing all of the media and immersive experiences for Dreamworks, Sony and more. Consummate, talented professionals, adroit, dexterous - no drama - exceptional in every way.

Matthew Priddy
Chief Technical Officer - Dubai Parks & Resorts

I was first introduced to BOSA in the late spring of 2015. We were in a serious creative crunch with one of our IP's to the extent we needed to put together an all new team to be successful. BOSA was at the time an integral member of that team. As the work progressed and iterated, BOSA's natural leadership skills, technical and creative prowess emerged which ultimately put them in the lead role. They are a group of dedicated, hardworking problem solvers. Their creative approach to providing solutions as well as just their creative, budget and schedule focus made the entire experience seamless and aggravation free. I plan on calling on them again as I know I will not be let down.