our home
Crossroads of the World
in the heart of Hollywood, California
our home
Crossroads of the World
in the heart of Hollywood, California
our home
Crossroads of the World
in the heart of Hollywood, California
our home
Crossroads of the World
in the heart of Hollywood, California
our home
Crossroads of the World
in the heart of Hollywood, California


In the current ocean of media, the true competitive advantage remains:


A great story transforms a passive experience into a compelling, emotional and human experience. When told well, the story connects with the audience, bypassing their heads and going straight for their hearts.

We are the Bureau of Story Art, a boutique story design and visual development studio in the heart of Hollywood. We are passionate about story in all forms: architecture, cinema, themed entertainment, augmented and virtual reality.

We use modern technology to breathe soul into your story. We scheme and sort the best way to show you story. There never is an exact formula.

We create a clean story blueprint, or VISUALIZATION, that can be carried through all phases of production and delivered to vendors of all languages and philosophies.

Christine lurks amid the literature.

It's a bird... it's a Plymouth Fury.

The mechanical dance between idea and action.

It was a dark and stormy cocktail.

The Machine Room

In the core of our creative lab.

Idea stacks.

It's not just a paper internet... it's a private truth.

The prose of conference.

Where ideas bubble from the mind... and surf into reality on the breath of the inspired.

The journey starts here.

Ladies and gentlemen... the doors.

Let's chat about your wildest imagination.

In the shadow of that hillside sign.

The Crew

Working in the film and themed entertainment industries for over 20 years, founder Trevor Tuttle has collaborated with many top artists and producers. He has culled the best cinematic story artists, digital modelers and shot creators to create a dream team of visualization. At BOSA's core, we are passionate storytellers. We love technology, but it's merely an instrument. Our crew is our secret sauce, and we would love to show you what we can do for you.

Creative Director and Founder Trevor Tuttle



I really learned to understand and trust the previs process by working with Trevor and BOSA. They are inventive storytellers who think cinematically. Their ability to jump in on a project and deliver something immediately useable should not be underestimated.

- John Carpenter

Trevor is the real wizard! I'm thankful for his brilliant shots, ideas, leadership and friendship. I have come to count on him. Oz was an incredible journey that I wouldn't have wanted to take with anyone but Trevor.

- Sam Raimi

Over the years, I have come to rely on Trevor and BOSA to interpret my most abstract ideas into physical form. Sometimes I'll just throw a mood or color and they magically bring it to life in a way that feels classic and tangible. It's a pleasure to collaborate with this crew.

- Mark Mothersbaugh
Composer and Artist

I was first introduced to BOSA in the late spring of 2015. We were in a serious creative crunch with one of our IP's to the extent we needed to put together an all new team to be successful. BOSA was at the time an integral member of that team. As the work progressed and iterated, BOSA's natural leadership skills, technical and creative prowess emerged which ultimately put them in the lead role. They are a group of dedicated, hardworking problem solvers. Their creative approach to providing solutions as well as just their creative, budget and schedule focus made the entire experience seamless and aggravation free. I plan on calling on them again as I know I will not be let down.

- Matt Priddy
CTO Motiongate

He dignified my monkey.

- Zach Braff
Actor and Filmmaker

While we were filming Beowulf, we did it in a new virtual way. We would integrate large scenes and once we had a seamless master scene in virtual space with the performance capture on the digital characters, we would then film the scene from within that virtual environment. Early on, Trevor was doing some long camera shots and weaving together some complex narrative in a single shot. This is challenging because the camera needs to stay motivated otherwise it starts to feel gimmicky. Trevor was a natural at this, which is how he got the nickname: "One shot master master".

- Robert Zemeckis

Gallegos Lighting Design was hired to redesign most areas of the Motiongate Theme Park in Dubai. We were on a very tight schedule and panicked when we learned the attractions were not complete and we would not receive their designs until after our deadlines. Fortunately, we received BOSA's visualizations for Shrek and Dragon's attractions, the two most intricate rides. The 3D spaces depicted in the visualizations, guest POV and ride vehicle speeds were very close to reality. We were able to effectively preprogram lighting changes, cross fades, and other time related design elements on a second-by-second basis from BOSA's visualizations, these saved our hides..

- Patrick Gallegos
Lighting Designer & CEO