From Zach Braff on the WISH I WAS HERE site:
I’m excited for you to see this latest video because it introduces “JAX,” one of the coolest characters in our movie. JAX is my character’s trusty sidekick/squire during several fantasy sequences. And he’s a flying droid. 
Backers first saw an idea of JAX in our very first behind-the-scenes video posted during our Kickstarter campaign. Concept artist Colin Fix and I were screwing around in Photoshop, drawing 2D versions of what we thought JAX should look like. And the process of developing him began there. 
During production, JAX was nothing more than a Styrofoam ball on a stick being held in frame for placement. And it hasn’t been until these last few weeks of post-production that I’ve finally been able to see a fully formed version of my droid BFF in action. 
The believability and human qualities of JAX are paramount to me. My character really relies on JAX’s loyalty and the sincere emotion he conveys in his movements and expressions. He’s turning out even more amazing than I could have ever imagined. And I have Trevor Tuttle and his deft band of VFX artists to thank. The inclusion of such a high-quality VFX character in a small-budget movie like ours is very rare, and I’m so proud of the tremendous work these amazing artists are doing for our movie. 
As you can see from the graphics on this site, JAX is an iconic figure in Wish I Was Here. He has a lot of meaning to me as the co-writer/director and to Aidan, my character. So keep your eyes glued to this website for more JAX-related awesomeness coming very soon.