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From Zach Braff on the WISH I WAS HERE site:
This production diary takes a look at one of the unique tools we used to prepare to make our movie: Previsualization aka “Previs.” Previsualization is another tool, along with concept art, that allows all of the departments to get on the same page in terms of the look and feel of the film.
My friend Trevor Tuttle and I met on OZ, and we came up with a unique way to use his skills in Visual Effects to take “previs” and storyboarding to the next level, by planning our shots based on virtual maps of the actual locations we had already chosen for the film. This allows us to troubleshoot a lot of problems that would normally arise on set before we even arrive there to shoot the scene, and pull off the vision of the film that I have in my head for all of you wonderful backers.