Ideas become words, words become stories...
Welcome to BOSA
... stories become our future. Let's make them exceptional.

BOSA (bureau of story art) is a story design and visual development studio located in Hollywood, California. Our passion is transforming ideas into engaging visual experiences.

Traveling the valley of How To Train Your Dragon

At Motiongate Dubai

Underworld 4D Experience

Motiongate Dubai

Blood Orange Pictures

bumper clip

Down by the river in Wish I Was Here

Fantasy worlds and day dreams.
2019 Reel


Great stories engage. They turn what could be an otherwise passive experience into an experience with meaning.

We are a visual story design studio that uses a blend of traditional filmmaking and cutting edge virtual production techniques to create visually rich, efficiently planned stories, for productions of any scale.

Our clients are in the worlds of filmmaking and entertainment based theme parks. Starting in the art department, through previsualization and finally production, BOSA takes a holistic approach to every project. No two projects arrive with the same needs. We add puzzle pieces, stitch together individual departments, strengthen creative, reduce costs and speed up the production process.

That said, nothing is more important to us than story. Story drives everything we do… and is what matters most.

Jukebox from A Long Way From Lapland