Blood Orange Pictures | Bumper Clip

Blood Orange Pictures approached BOSA to create a fresh and unique bumper clip (animated logo) for the launch of their production company. They were interested in an exploration to create a new logo, branding, color treatment and animation. Clients Sam Goldberg and Ilan Ulmer described their deep connection with the blood orange fruit from Florida, and the rich juice that sweetened Ilan’s childhood summer time antics. The juice is rich, playful and nourishing and they hoped to represent this in this company logo.

The challenge for BOSA was to create a link between the juice of a fruit with filmmaking. The idea came almost fully developed to creative director Trevor Tuttle. He had a vision of the juice leaving a squeezer and a beam of light emitting from a film projector. Trevor set out to show this concept in animation.

When designing the logo, we found a visual link between the segments of the blood orange wedge and the spokes of a film reel. Our designer explored this relationship and some color choices to come up with the final piece.


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