Singularity | Feature Film Previs Pitch

BOSA’s creative director Trevor has a history with director Bryan Singer. Having worked on Jack the Giant Slayer and two X-Men features, he has a rapport with the director. Singularity is a pitch for a series currently in development.

The direction BOSA received was:

  1. A single shot that lasts one minute.
  2. Over the course of this shot, the world must go from idyllic to pandemonium.
  3. Robots have been serving us, and there is a moment when they communicate and take control. We want to see that moment.
  4. The robots can throw people very, very far.
  5. We want to see hundreds of people being thrown from a building… and they can’t look like they are jumping.

Trevor wrote and directed this previs pitch. Mark Austin was the supervisor.



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