Underworld 4D Theatrical Experience | Immersive Movie

In the future, they vampires are at war with the Lycian. A deep divide. A death dealer knows what will save their future, and it’s held in within the entombed elder. She knows, as the humans who have now joined the war, encroach, she needs to get the Elder to safety.

BOSA was hired to create this 4D experience. Based on the Underworld mythology, we set out to create a stand alone adventure.

Full 6 minute ride film here:




The sooner you can get an idea on it’s visual feet, the better. After only a few drafts of a script, we will bring it into an animatic. This is a loose, gestural storyboard animated to tell the story. This gives us a sense of pacing and story flow. We will often rewrite with visuals at this point.


Next we create virtual sets and characters for visualization. This helps bring all elements of the shot together before going to set. This is also a very effective communication tool when your clients are in different timezones, languages and cultures. Seeing is understanding.


Once we had the visual blueprint locked and approved, we took it to the stage. At this point, it was putting all the elements together.


To create this digital world and characters, BOSA worked closely with Plastic Wax in Sydney. They did an impressive job with the work and we could not recommend them more for their expertise in real time rendering for a cinematic workflow.




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