Zombieland Drop Tower | Preshow Movie
When designing the queue, we wanted to make each area of the line a visually distinct room. This was for a specific reason. We wanted each guest to remember the order of the rooms. At the end of the line, the guest believes they will go on the ride, but they are diverted into a “side room”. This is the break room, and does not look like part of the attraction. The door is locked. On the wall, there is a security monitor which cycles through the various rooms in the queue with people waiting. The live image of you in your group is one of the four rooms on the monitor.
BOSA created this preshow film. Over the course of the two minute wait, if you are watching the monitor, you will watch zombies break into the queue, and start to make their way towards your room.
Speakers are buried in the walls and sounds of attack get closer and closer, as muzak is playing over the intercom in the break room.
The zombies get to your door, and there is a THUMP THUMP THUMP, right as the door opens to release you into the ride area, where you get on the drop tower.
Considering BOSA produced this film half a year before the queue was completed in Dubai, we recreated the queue on a stage in Hollywood and brought in some of the best zombie make-up artists to breath death into our actors.

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